CryptoSwapper Review

No KYC Crypto Swapper offer an unique cryptocurrency swapper service with a highdegree of confidentiality, which will ensure the anonymity of your payments, by using the swapping of multiple Crypto currencies.

About CryptoSwapper

In recent times we have seen how governments and traditional banks are trying to end the self-governance of cryptocurrencies by forcing many exchanges to implement “Know your customer” means. In response to this pressure, is borned as a project with the purpose of launching in the market an exchange that does not require KYC and also can works as a mixer.

No KYC Swapper supports swaps for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, BitcoinSV and Litecoin, ZEC, Dash, giving you a wide variety of options for preserving your privacy!


How does cryptoswapper works?

CryptoSwapper is the first ever exchange/mixer platform to mix several coins like BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), DASH, LTC (Litecoin) and XMR (Monero).

CryptoSwapper breaks the connection between sending and receiving addresses. This is the main priority of our crypto swapper and is necessary for crypto-anonymity. Because the blockchain is a permanent ledger of events, all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded by it. By exchanging your coins using Crypto Swapper, you’re able to swap and also anonymize information about where you keep your coins, where you send them, and where you receive them from.

To ensure maximum privacy; the system never uses your coin to send to other users. On the other hand; CryptoSwapper has a large pool of cryptocurrencies, you have a maximum amount per swap, however using our services multiple times allows you swap coins for almost any amount. After we received your crypto payment; we make a transfer to the specified recipient address from our pool. This means that your coin is not involved in this operation and is still stored in the system, and eventually replenishing the main pool for the subsequent payments.

As a result, no one can track, and the use of our web service is truly anonymous. Thanks to the constant filling of the reserve, the service operates in an automatic mode.


1. Visit and click on START SWAPPING.

2. Select input cryptocurrency (swap in)
3. Select output cryptocurrency (swap out, in case of using the same crypto it will be mixed)
4. Insert the input amount to estimate output amount you will get.

5. Solve the captcha.
6. Insert output address (if the address has the correct format it will turn red) and click on “START SWAPPING”

7. Transaction Tracker Page:
After you start a swap you get into the Transaction Tracker page. We encourage you to download your guarantee letter and copy permalink ( in order to return to your transaction tracker.

The next step is to fund the input address (white text on green box), you can copy the address or use the qrcode. After you send your crypto to the input address you will be able to see four different phases:

7.1 Awaiting transaction.


7.2 Awaiting confirmations.


7.3 Transaction confirmed.


7.4 Transaction done.


Letter of guarantee verification

The guarantee letter is an indisputable proof of your use of the service. So its important that you save the guarantee letter until you receive your funds in the destination address.

You can download our gpg public key from or import it from (key-id
400905156A5CACFF26A54C46BDF83BCA766AC8DA / [email protected]).

You have several programs to verify the letter. For example you can use linux gpg from the command line and type:

$ gpg --verify letter.txt
If everything is correct you will see something like this:
gpg: Signature made Sun 01 Aug 2021 11:32:34 BST
gpg: using RSA key 400905156A5CACFF26A54C46BDF83BCA766AC8DA
gpg: Good signature from "cryptoswapper <[email protected]>" [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: 4009 0515 6A5C ACFF 26A5 4C46 BDF8 3BCA 766A C8DA

Frequently Asked Questions


I sent coins for swapping. How quickly will my payment be processed?

Depending on the size of your payment, its enrollment and further processing can take from 3 to 6 network confirmations.

How safe and legal is it to use the Crypto Swapper?

Our service does not require any form of user registration, e-mail or personal data. Therefore, you can rest assured that using the CryptoSwapper is not only completely safe, but legal as well.

What is the minimum amount that I can swap with your service?

You can see the minimum amount for swapping before each swap and the corresponding exchange rate.
What is the maximum amount I can send for swapping?

You can send any amount within the current limit of the payment pool for the mix-out crypto currency and will be show with te corresponding exchange rate.

How many times can I use the Bitcoin address for swapping?

The Crypto Swapper system generates a unique address for each swap operation. Never re-use this address!

Can I close the browser page after I send the payment?

Of course. All you need is to copy the input address (Bitcoin or whatever) where you need to send the payment and download the guarantee letter with the details of your swap.

What is a letter of guarantee?

With each swap operation, you receive a guarantee letter – detailed information about your payment and the swap conditions. Save this file before receiving funds for the Bitcoin address of the recipient that you specified. Remember that only this letter of guarantee is an indisputable proof of your use of the service.

How can I verify the guarantee letter?

You need to download our public key from, import it into your keyring and verify the guarantee letter. Depending of your Operating System and the program that you use, you will need to follow some instructions in order to verify a signed document (the gurantee letter). We recommend you

What is CryptoSwapper code?

After the first use of our service, you receive a unique Crypto Swapper code. Enter this code each time to avoid using your own coins sent during the previous swap. Using Crypto Swapper code will not allow others to track your payments.

Log policy

Crypto Swapper stores your transaction data for between 48 and 72 hours. In case there is a problem, the data will not be erased until the problem is resolved by our support team. In any case, we strongly recommend the use of the TOR network for any transaction (not only with us) and the use of an express email account to contact our customer service area.

Is Cryptoswapper a mixer?

If you want to do a swap between the same kind of coin, you will get a very special exchange rate and you will get your coins from an address totally independent of your input address.



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