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Bitcoin Mixer Services Review 2023

You already know what Bitcoin mixing or BTC tumblers are. One such Bitcoin mixer is the subject of this Anonymix review today.
We’ve been with over a hundred Bitcoin mixers in the last few years. This helped us understand the primary features that make a mixer better (or “not as good”) than others.

Here are the primary features that we’ll talk about in detail throughout this Anonymix review:

  • Is Anonymix Anonymous?
  • How many Additional Addresses does Anonymix support?
  • What is the fee charged by Anonymix?
  • Does Anonymix offer time delays?
  • Who Controls the fund distribution on Anonymix?
  • What are the Minimum-Maximum limits on Anonymix?
  • How many Confirmations does Anonymix Need?
  • What is Anonymix Mixing ID?
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Anonymix Overview

Isn’t it a good idea to let you have a glimpse of all the superpowers that Anonymix brings with itself? Well, here they are:

  • Clearnet URL:
  • Onion URL: http://anonymxfbfg5ml5sclnmy5wqowmjz6gshukdhqw5waosf7mswj2xerid.onion
  • Additional Addresses: 10
  • Fee: 0.3%/transaction + (0.0001BTC/extra address)
  • Confirmations: Only 1.
  • Limits: Minimum 0.002 BTC/ Maximum 100 BTC.
  • User Control on: Time-Delays / Fund-Distribution.
  • No Logs Policy: Yes.
  • Registration: Not Required.

Let’s get all handsy with this Anonymix review, then.

Is Anonymix Anonymous?

The entire point of why someone would want to use a Bitcoin mixer is to increase anonymity. Isn’t it?

Well, certain factors dictate the level of anonymity a mixer can provide:

  • Registration Requirements.
  • Logs Policy.
  • IP-Addresses.

Starting with the “Registration Requirements,” the mixer has none. It not only doesn’t require registrations but doesn’t support the feature altogether. It means the platform doesn’t store a “database” of users.

The logs policy is another more important aspect of a mixer’s anonymity. Well, Anonymix adheres to a strict “No Logs Policy.”

The No Logs policy has a 7-day retention period. So, the company retains logs about a mix for a week and then deletes them permanently.

However, what impressed us most was that users can manually delete the logs sooner (even seconds after creating a mix!). Only a few mixers offer users the control or choice of deleting the logs; Anonymix does.

The platform doesn’t and can’t monitor user IP addresses because it offers its Tor version. And Tor, already known to you, masks a user’s IP address before communicating with a website.

So, as the name suggests, Anonymix does take anonymity seriously and is 100% anonymous.

How Many Additional Addresses Does Anonymix Support?

Additional addresses are the most basic yet most effective ways of de-linking coins.

The more addresses any mixer lets users specify, the more anonymous it is because the new coins the service sends to users can now be split into as many parts as the number of addresses.

Imagine if you need something delivered and someone’s tailing you in a real-life scenario. So you ask some of your friends to bring your item, in pieces, to you.

Even if one of your friends is caught, the item he would have will only be a piece/fragment of your complete item; hence, it can’t be linked to you or your final item.

Anonymix allows for a total of 10 additional addresses.

What is the Fee Charged by Anonymix?

Charging a fee is linked not just with the mixer making a profit but also with anonymity.

When a mixer charges a fee, some amount from the initial unclean deposit gets deducted. This alters the final output and hence de-links the two sets of coins.

Anyway, Anonymix charges a static 0.3% fee/transaction. The fee can’t be altered or changed by the user. It keeps things simple.

We just talked about additional addresses, didn’t we? Each additional address on Anonymix is charged at an extra 0.0001BTC/address.

If you’ve been with any of the other mixers, you’d probably agree that this is almost the exact fee charged by any other mixer.

Does Anonymix offer time delays?

Yes, it does! What these are? Remember the example above? Now imagine instead of asking all your friends to deliver your item-pieces on the same day, you ask them to provide them on consecutive days. Or weeks/months later.

This makes it much harder for anyone to link the original amount to the broken-down pieces of the amount delivered at various intervals.

That’s what time delays are. They create a gap between when users send in their deposits and when they receive the output.

With Anonymix, a user gets to choose from 7 different time delays:

  • Quick mix
  • 1 Hour
  • 3 Hours.
  • 7 Hours.
  • 12 Hours.
  • 24 Hours.
  • Or a Random delay.

That’s not all. Remember the multiple addresses we were talking about earlier? Anonymix allows users to set delays for each address manually.

So, you choose exactly which of those addresses will receive the funds.

Who Controls the Fund Distribution on Anonymix?

The user controls the distribution on Anonymix.

We paid attention to fund distribution because, with most tumbling services, this is “mixer-controlled.” We have yet to determine how much funds each of our addresses will receive.

Anonymix, however, provided us with 100% of fund control. Right next to each address, there’s a % marker. It lets the user manually specify what percentage of the total funds should be sent to that address.

This has an added benefit. When the fund distribution is user-controlled, a service can be used as an automated tool to send funds to many addresses at once, with the added anonymity it brings.

What are the Minimum-Maximum Limits on Anonymix?

The minimum limit is the smallest deposit you can make to a mixer. The maximum deposit is the highest amount of mix any mixer can process.

On Anonymix, the smallest accepted amount is 0.002 BTC. The maximum is 100.

The maximum limit may sometimes change depending on the platform’s BTC reserves. Whatever amount it is, it’s always shown on the deposit page.

How many Confirmations does Anonymix Need?

Anonymix is one of the fastest mixers we’ve ever seen. It requires only 1 confirmation for transactions to be accepted.

It has this “Quick-mix” delay mode, which, when selected, acts as an “instant payout” option. In other words, when selected, the output is sent as soon as the input is confirmed.

While with almost all other mixers, a minimum of 3-5 confirmations are required. Some mixers even require 20+ confirmations.

What is Anonymix Mixing ID?

Bitcoin tumbler Anonymix doesn’t need registrations, as mentioned earlier. So, the platform assigns users a “mixing ID” for each mix.

This mixing ID must be specified when contacting support so the support team can find the mix and solve the issue.

It also can be used to check the mix status in case you have yet to receive your funds.

What are the other Features of Anonymix?

Some extra features need to be mentioned in this Anonymix review, regardless of not being “primary features” for some.

Support Available

The support team to handle all mix-related questions can be contacted using the “Contact” link on the site’s homepage.

Enter an E-mail (anonymous e-mails such as Protonmail accepted too), subject, and Mix-ID. The team responds to the specified e-mail.

25% Bonuses

This is an added feature that deserves a mention in this Anonymix review. The platform runs a program where every 100th mix receives a 25% bonus on their total mix amount.

It’s applicable both for first-timers and returning users.

Wrapping Up

Let’s put this Anonymix review under wraps. Do you agree? The prime benefits of being present with the mixer were its no-registration mode, no logs policy, and low requirements.

Is it the best mixer out there? That’s a question we’ll leave for you. Although comparatively speaking, there isn’t a lot missing with Anonymix.

Be it the fee, user control over various aspects of the mix, transaction times, or anything else. All in all, there’s nothing to “dislike” about the service. Review
  • User Experience
  • Reputation
  • Anonymity
  • Fees
  • Logs Policy


Anonymix has numerous privacy features, offering top-notch Bitcoin mixer for the lowest fee without storing any logs.