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Bitcoin Mixer Services Review & Guide 2023

Most important purpose of BitMix is saving privacy of all our customers and clarity of their coins.

About BitMix

BitMix is a bitcoin blender service which was announced in August 2017.

Like other bitcoin shufflers, BitMix allows you to break the link between two different wallet addresses. In other words, bitcoin mixers can help you anonymize any funds which you suspect could be linked to your identity. This helps prevent blockchain analysis companies like Chainalyses from identifying who you are and what you’re doing with your money.

Their website is available via Clearnet (i.e. the publicly available internet) and via TOR. Their website is available in English, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Korean. The owners are anonymous, so we don’t know where they’re based.

All logs are turned off by default. Once you’ve completed your order (or after 72 hours), the order information is deleted.

The way bitcoin or any other public-blockchain transactions work causes them to be chained together in a permanent public record. They are traceable along the blockchain from one crypto address to another. A mixing service can be used to mix one’s funds with other’s, with the intention of confusing the trail back to the fund’s original source. Therefore, bitcoin (or other coin) mixing service helps protect privacy of your bitcoin transactions.

The service has already prepared pre-mixed bitcoins (or other coins) for you. All you need to do is fill the form containing list of your outputs (the address where anonymized coins will be sent) and send required amount of coins to our address. The mixed coins will be then sent back to you automatically. You can send any number of transactions to our input address. Your coins will be used in future for mixing also.

How to use BitMix?

In this BitMix review we are going to talk through the overall process. So, make sure that you bookmark our site and return to this mega-guide whenever you need some practical instructions on what steps to take.

Let’s break down the whole process into several stages.

bitmix main page

Stage 1: Choosing the crypto

BitMix enables you to work with 3 coins – Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin. Go to the mixer’s main page, scroll a bit down and click on the coin that you want to mix.

In this review, we show the steps to mix Bitcoin, but the other two coins work exactly the same way. You can find out more information about the fees and minimum deposit limits for each supported coin in the mixer’s FAQ.

If you click on Bitcoin’s symbol, you’ll get transferred to this page.

bitmix settings

This is the page where you specify all the data and launch the mixer. And this is actually the only page for this process, which is super-good since you aren’t bounced around the mixer’s site. As you can see, you can specify the data from the get-go without any registration. Thus, you stay completely anonymous which is always of high importance when you mix coins. Your logs will be stored only for 24 hours and deleted after this period runs out.

Stage 2: Filling the Form

AT the Second Stage, you’ll need to fill out this Form. Let’s look at the first section and discuss these buttons one by one.

bitmix code

The field “unique code” is used for you to make sure that you don’t receive your own coins in any event. Here’s how it works – you mix some coins at BitMix first, you save the code from that mix operation and then you come back to the site in order to mix a new batch. You can specify the code you have in order to check whether you’ll receive your own coins you’ve sent earlier.

This is just a way for the mixer to be transparent and assure users that they’ll never receive their own coins back.

How to set up the receiving address?

In the next field “Destination Address”, you’ve got two options. First, you can leave this field without any changes if you want the mixed funds from BitMix to be sent only to a single address after the process has been completed. Or, you can create several wallets by clicking the button “ADD NEW ADDRESS”.

How many does addresses BitMix allow to add?

If you click on the “ADD NEW ADDRESS” button, you’ll create the second account to be used within the mixing process. You can use up to 5 wallets at BitMix. To add 5 accounts, you’ll need to click this button 5 times. Though some “Bitcoin laundries” offer 10, 15 and even 20 wallets, 5 accounts is enough in most cases.

In this review, we are going to use only 2 accounts to make things easier. Here’s a screenshot of the two addresses already created.

In case you change your mind, you can always click the Trash icon to the right of the address in order to delete it.

Specify your receiving wallets in the fields “Destination address”.

As I’ve said at the start of this BitMix review, the provider has improved its UI a lot and it now enables to determine both the delay time and distribution percentage for each individual address. Here’s a screenshot of the second part of the Form.

How to specify the percentage distributions between the receiving addresses?

It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is to drag the respective slider to the left or the right. You will see the percentage distributions changing for each of the addresses you’ve specified.

bitmix percentage distribution

How to set up the time delay?

The respective slider enables you to set the time delay for each address with each wallet having a specific color. It’s always advisable to choose longer time delays that are far from each other in order to prevent the blockchain analysis on your mixing operations.

What’s the fee at BitMix?

The next slider is for the fee. The minimum fee is 0.4% percent. You can drag the slider to the right in order to increase the fee and thus increase the quality of the coins you’ll receive via the mixing procedure.

We aren’t sure as to the actual mechanics behind this process. If you want to obtain the highest quality of coins in exchange for your deposit (i.e. the ones coming from exchanges and private investors BitMix works with), you should probably drag the fee max to the right.

Auto-Adjust Function

Below, you’ll see the indicator for the strength. You can increase the level by playing with the above indicators. Or, if you don’t want to sweat it, you can always click “Auto-Adjust”. This function means that the system will automatically adjust the indicators in such a way that you end up with a higher strength level. Naturally, it’ll increase the fee you’ll have to pay.

Be aware that the highest fee in the system is 4%. Interestingly, the system never takes you to this highest level whenever you click “auto-adjust”, so you might want to first click “auto-adjust” and then max out the fee level, if you feel like it.

Randomize Function

This is the way for you to increase the anonymity and hide your transactions from prying eyes of blockchain analysts. In the standard mode, the system will send only one transaction to each receiving address. However, if you activate the “randomize function”, you will receive either two or more amounts which makes the blockchain analysis much harder.

If you do these actions one by one, you will reach the highest strength (both in terms of the quality of coins you’ll receive and the anonymity you’ll see when mixing at BitMix). First, activate “auto-adjust” and then “randomize”. Also, as I’ve said above, you can max out the fee up to 4% to get the highest quality of coins to your receiving addresses.

The “randomize” function will kick in only provided that you send a specific amount to a specific address. For Bitcoin, it’s 0.1. If you transfer a smaller amount, it’ll deactivate automatically.

Stage 3: Depositing coins and tracking the order

Now that we have filled in all the details in this Form, click the button “Start Mixing” at the bottom.

You’ll get transferred to this page.

Depositing the funds

Here, you should first save the ID to an external file, so that you restore the order later on.

At the top, you can see the mixer’s wallet to which you need to send the coins. Deposit the amount, wait for a number of confirmations specified in the FAQ at the site and go back to this page.

Reviewing the codes and statistical data

Below, you can see the period during which the order will stay valid.

As I’ve said above, make sure that you save the ID because this is how you can re-access the order if you close your browser. To re-enter the order, you’ll need to go to the previous page and paste the ID at the bottom field there.

Also, make sure that you save the Code which will enable you to track whether you’ve received back the coins you send to the mixer before.

Saving the hashcode

As you can see from this BitMix review, there’s a certain degree of routine to go through when using this mixer. It’s pretty much like that at every service out there. This provider enables you to save the hashcode, so that you don’t have to re-state these indicators every time you do the mixing gig. The hashcode doesn’t include any of your personal data. Review
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  • Reputation
  • Anonymity
  • Fees
  • Logs Policy


BitMix is a pretty popular mixer, enabling you to launder Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin. It’s easy to navigate with the nifty sliders for all the usual indicators. However, it supports the use of only 5 receiving addresses. If you don’t necessarily look for a higher number of addresses, you should try BitMix as it’s pleasant to use and intuitive. There’s no information about the quality of coins you’ll receive, but you can always increase the fee which will increase the level of cleanliness for the coins you’ll receive. All in all, BitMix is a good mixer to use for frequent mixing since the hashcode enables you to save the settings and avoid fixing them up each time you mix.