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Bitcoin Mixer Services Review 2023

Have you heard of the brand-new BTC tumbling tool making waves in the crypto world? It boasts an array of features that outmatch most other mixers on the market. But is it the creme de la creme of crypto mixers? It’s up to you to decide – and we’re here to help! Please take a deep dive into our thorough Sinbad Mixer review, where we want to give you an honest rundown of everything this mixer offers. We’re not biased – our review is entirely objective. So, let us guide you through the key features of this innovative crypto mixer.

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SinbadMixer: A New Promising Player in the Crypto Mixing Game

Mixing Code

Most crypto mixers have a built-in safety feature. When you send coins to the crypto tumbler, they don’t instantly transfer them. Instead, the coins stay with the mixer for safekeeping.

Here’s where it gets interesting – you’ll receive a unique “mixing code” for each order. The next time you want to blend your coins, you enter your mixing code. It lets the platform know that you (person A) have already deposited X coins into their pool. They won’t send out those same X coins in your new order because they recognize the mixing code from when you initially deposited them. It’s all about keeping your transactions utterly safe!

Output Addresses

Sinbad is one of the most trusted Bitcoin mixers, surpassing most of the competition in the industry. With up to five unique addresses for your spotless coins, you can strategize better and reach the ultimate privacy of your crypto transactions.

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One notable advantage of Sinbad is that your funds will now be spread across five different wallets. You can rest easy knowing that none of your five transactions can be connected to your original coins or linked to each other. Sinbad has got your back!

Customizable Fee

Wouldn’t you love to have control over how much you pay for the service provided? Sinbad offers just that! Although the concept of a manual fee isn’t unheard of in the crypto mixing industry, it profits the company.

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Of course, there is a minimum fee of at least 1.341% per transaction, but why settle for just the minimum? Paying more gives you something more precious – anonymity!

If everyone pays the minimum fee, it creates a pattern that can be analyzed deeply, potentially compromising privacy. Don’t worry! Your transactions are always 100% secure and untraceable, even if you choose to go with the minimum fee every time.

But let’s face it, why take a risk? It’s better to be safe than sorry. You can throw those snoops off your trail by simply increasing your fee by 0.1% above the minimum. The goal is to keep your mixing activities different and random, which will only augment your anonymity. You can manually set your maximum fee to 3.427% per transaction.

Letter of Guarantee

Unlike regular cryptocurrency exchanges that mandate the completion of a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, crypto mixers like SinbadMixer do not require you to officially sign up with their platforms for the sake of anonymity.

The question arises: how can you keep tabs on your shuffling transactions without registration and revelation of your personal information? The mixing code allows you to link to your coin while maintaining anonymity.

Plus, on each deposit page (where you see the deposit address), the platform offers a “Letter of Guarantee.” That is a text file acknowledging you’re the true depositor for any transaction.

It guarantees that the platform cannot deny receiving your payment and that the address you see is a legit address of Sinbad Mixer. You can easily prove your deposit via Blockchain, so you can trust that your assets are in safe hands.

Available in Clearnet and Darknet

Another outstanding trait of this BTC tumbling platform is that SinbadMixer gives you two access modes. You can enjoy its services both on the clearnet and through Tor.

Accessing via clearnet grants you more accountability but reduced anonymity (unless you employ a solid VPN). Yet, this is ideal for users who aren’t quite familiar with Tor yet.

On the other hand, the Tor version offers you maximum anonymity, even without needing a VPN. Although it’s still highly recommended to use a VPN for total invisibility, it’s not mandatory.

Min & Max Deposits

SinbadMixer limits how much you can mix with it, like any other crypto mixer. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC, while the maximum amount you can mix in one transaction is approximately 100 BTC.

An important note: if you accidentally send funds lower than the required minimum, don’t expect a refund because it will be considered a donation.

The maximum limit can change depending on the company’s available resources, but it usually stays around that threshold. And, of course, like any other deposit, all transactions need at least three confirmations on the Blockchain before being fully processed.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you accidentally sent more than you intended to? Or do you have issues with your mix? Please don’t panic. The service has got your back with their prompt email support! You can easily reach out to them by filling up their contact form, and they’ll get back to you in no time with answers to your queries.

Sinbad Mixer Verdict: Is it Simply the Best?

So, when it comes to Bitcoin blender services, is there anyone better than SinbadMixer? It’s hard to say “it is the best of the best,” but there’s no doubt that Sinbad Mixer offers all the essential features you could want. Review
  • User Experience
  • Reputation
  • Anonymity
  • Fees
  • Logs Policy


With five addresses at your disposal, complete control over fees, distribution, and time delays, and even a clearnet version, Sinbad isn’t missing anything the industry leaders have in store. Some other top crypto mixers must catch up in some areas. Sinbad might be one of the fastest Bitcoin mixers available right now. If you’ve got some coins you want to clean up, trying SinbadMixer is a good decision.