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FoxMixer Review & Guide 2023

FoxMixer is an outstanding, high quality BTC mixing service that makes tumbling Bitcoins as easy as never before.

About FoxMixer

UPDATE: the service was closed.

FoxMixer was closed, so you can use one of alternatives:

NameFeeBTC PoolURL
Anonymix.io0.3%1834 BTCVisit Site
mixertumbler-logo 0.1% to 3.5%725 BTCVisit Site
BitMix0.4% to 4%932 BTCVisit Site
CryptoMixer 0.5% to 3%2000 BTCVisit Site
Bitcoin Mixer Blender0.5% to 1.986%1326 BTCVisit Site

FoxMixer is a high quality bitcoin mixing service providing easy, secure and fast bitcoin mixing for increasing individual privacy in the bitcoin world.
Bitcoins can by design be traced back to the buyer, by everyone in the world. As the protocol of BTC is open, it is easy to track not only transactions, but also user behaviour.

That’s where FoxMixer comes into place: FoxMixer accepts bitcoins, mixes them in a steadily growing pool of coins of other users and returns a new set of bitcoins.
This greatly increases privacy and protects users from being tracked.

Out of all the cryptocurrency mixing platforms out their, FoxMixer is one of the best there is. Aside from the fact that it performs the usual function of a Bitcoin mixer, it has other features that improve the anonymity of their users in the Blockchain network. They even have the option to anonymized the IP address of the transaction originator and they also monitor the blockchain to prevent a transaction from gaining unnecessary attention. The only problem with FoxMixer is that it charges a fixed rate of 1% which is relatively higher than the flexible fees offered by other platforms.

In this day and age, where people do almost everything using their personal computers and smart devices, privacy has become one of the most important principles that majority of internet users uphold. The overall emphasis on privacy and data security followed instances where businesses, the government, and Ill-intent hackers have been exploiting user data for their own benefit. 

One of the most common targets of these exploits are users’ financial information. Understanding how people behave financially has become crucial in different industries like advertising, social engineering, and identity fraud. This is the reason why many people has started to embrace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Basically, cryptocurrencies are relatively anonymous as compared to other more traditional payment methods because of the fact that they don’t require users to validate their identities before making a transaction. 

Amidst the popular belief that Bitcoin (among other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin) provide complete anonymity to users, it is not the case. The way Bitcoin works is that instead of using users’ name to link to a transaction, it replaces it with a BTC address. With this being in place, if someone knows your bitcoin address, that person can certainly know which transactions are linked to you. Recent technological advancements also made it easier for people to trace anything online through the IP address. 

To make matters worse, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies operate with the blockchain network. It an open source database where transactions are being recorded and kept. Since it is an open-source network, it is accessible by anyone. It means that anyone can have access to the transactions you made and how much Bitcoins you have. 

Currently, there are a few ways that could help you improve your privacy when using Bitcoin to make online transactions. One of these ways is Bitcoin Mixing. It uses a third-party service provider that mixes your coins with the assets of other users in order to cut the ties that links you to the coins and the transactions made with it. 

In this post, we will be reviewing about FoxMixer, an online Bitcoin shuffling service that has been getting popularity within the crypto community.

What is FoxMixer?

Like other Bitcoin mixing platforms, FoxMixer allows users to send in their BTCs and mix them with a pool of coins sent by other users. By mixing the coins, the platform is replacing your coins with random coins from other users to make it appear in the Blockchain that you did not make a specific transaction. It makes it harder for those who are snooping into your business to trace a specific Bitcoin transaction back to your wallet address and ultimately to your real-life identity.

FoxMixer is one of the smartest Bitcoin mixers available to users at this point. It uses a state-of-the art algorithms to automatically mix coins and replace them with fresh and untraceable new coins. It also actively monitors the volume of current transactions in the bitcoin mempool and shifts payouts to the perfect timeslot, if necessary.

Most of the modern blockchain analysis services analyze the broadcast origin of a transaction. Operating multiple nodes in multiple countries allows them to trace where a transaction arrives first and by what IP address it is broadcasted. By using FoxMixer, you can randomize the origin of the coins you send to the platform so that it will be harder for those who can see them to trace them back to your IP address and your physical geolocation.

Deep Mempool Analysis

As mentioned earlier, FoxMixer actively monitors the volume of current transactions in the bitcoin mempool and shifts payouts to the perfect timeslot, if necessary. They do this in order to prevent your transaction from standing out in the Blockchain – thus making the transaction more discreet. For example, if you expect a payout of 4 BTC and at the time of the payout, only transactions of 0.01 BTC get done, it is evident that analysts will focus on your transaction first. With FoxMixer, if at one minute mainly transactions in the order of 0.01 BTC get done, your transaction will be preponed or delayed by some minutes and by that shifted to a timeslot where more transactions around 4 BTC occur on average.

Letter of Guarantee

FoxMixer provides a Letter of Guarantee, which is a digitally signed confirmation that this address has truly been generated by their server. The signature will directly be originated from their main Bitcoin account to provide users a level of confidence in the transaction. As proof of obligation, the Letter of Guarantee also serves as a receipt that users can use to report problems regarding the mixing process.

Automatic log removal

One of the unique features that only blender is offering is their “No Data Retention” policy, which deletes all the log within 24 hours after the transaction has been completed. Those tumbling services who keep their logs longer has the potential to be de-anonymized and be subjected to attacks that could ultimately reveal their users’ identities.

Accessible via Tor

While FoxMixer is also accessible via its website, you can always (and it is highly recommended) use the Tor browser.

Unique Mix Code

While FoxMixer has a huge pool of Bitcoins to mix, it is still possible that you will be getting the coins you deposited in previous transactions to your new transactions. In order to prevent this from happening, you will be provided by a unique mixing code which you can use to signal the platform that it’s you and that the coins sent by you before should not be sent back to you now.

FoxMixer – how much is the fee?

FoxMixer has a pretty straightforward and fixed fees for their services. For each transaction, they deduct an overall fee of 1 % as well as 0.00100000 BTC for every output address you use.

How long does a mixing take on FoxMixer?

According to their website, every mixing transaction can take up to between almost immediately up to 48 hours. Users can also choose to delay payouts to add more layers of anonymity to their transactions. They only need six (6) blockchain confirmations before starting the mixing process.


This is a detailed tutorial on how to mix your coins with one of the top Bitcoin mixers – FoxMixer.

1. Create a receive address

In your favorite bitcoin wallet, create a new receive address by requesting a payment.

2. Copy the generated address

Copy the newly generated receive address to the clipboard.

3. Generate a mix at FoxMixer

Go to FoxMixer and paste the address. You can also set the delay, after which the mixed bitcoins should be payed back to you.

4. Copy the mix address

Copy the address of the newly generated mix to the clipboard.

5. Paste the address to your wallet

Paste the mix address to your bitcoin wallet and set the amount of bitcoins that you want to mix.

Make sure the miner fee is sufficient for a fast confirmation on the blockchain. Send at least the minimum amount required by FoxMixer.

6. Download Letter of Guarantee

At FoxMixer, download the Letter of Guarantee to get additional security for your mix.

7. You are done

Now, the bitcoins are being mixed and payed back to you after the delay time. You can check the current status of the mix at any time.

The status page of the mix is constantly updating, showing the detailed progress of your mix.

You may want to bookmark this page for a quick way to check the current status of your mix at any time.

You will see the mixed coins as an incoming transaction to your wallet.