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Bitcoin Mixer Services Review & Guide 2023

Bitcoin’s indirect anonymity misleads many because today’s users can track all coin movements and where they are stored using modern, constantly evolving software. That is why it is worth using services like Crypto Mixer, which helps maintain partial or complete anonymity for coin owners.

The idea behind this kind of service is that it mixes up the coins and sends them in small increments and different ways so that the transactions cannot be tracked. It is a good practice for those who want to keep their transactions anonymous and get all the benefits of such currencies.

Cryptocurrency shuffling service is an optimal solution for everyone who wants to use all the advantages of their digital savings and remain anonymous at the same time. You don’t have to worry about the reliability of the mixer, as all the processes are automatic, which positively affects speed and ensures anonymity, as transactions are processed precisely so that the user is comfortable receiving the results of their use.

Do you want to secure your cryptocurrency savings from unauthorized access? Are you looking for a Bitcoin mixer integrated with a well-protected proxy server? Then you should use CryptoMixer cryptocurrency anonymization services. The service successfully removes the digital footprint in the Bitcoin blockchain, consistently delighting customers with its highest level of privacy.

About CryptoMixer

CryptoMixer is one of the top-trusted Bitcoin mixing services. It is build from the ground up with security, simplicity and speed in mind. The service value its reputation and build it upon trust — CryptoMixer generates the “Letter of Gurantee” for each transaction, signed by its public address. CryptoMixer provides the ability to exchange your bitcoins for different ones which cannot be associated with the original owner. CryptoMixer does not track the source of funds. The one who has signed the transaction is considered to be a valid owner of the coins.

Service design

The website’s layout appears fresh and responsive, initially giving the impression of a simple Bitcoin mixer. However, upon further observation of its functionality, it proves to be impressive. CryptoMixer’s operation is smooth, with a well-designed dashboard implementation. The website has a modern and user-friendly interface with a minimalistic layout and easy navigation tabs. An intuitive design sets CryptoMixer apart from competitors like Bitmixer, as it appears more trustworthy and professional. The CryptoMixer mixer also provides an estimated fee calculator, which adds transparency to users’ blending of Bitcoins.

How Does CryptoMixer Work?

CryptoMixer clearly and concisely explains how their mixer works on their website. Their how-to guide is easily understandable for users of all levels, whether new to the Bitcoin mixing process or experienced. Essentially, the mixer operates the same way as others in its category. One would send their coins to Address A and receive payment from Address B to their own Address C.

CryptoMixer General Experience

Customers are bound to have a positive experience with CryptoMixer because it is a transparent Bitcoin mixing solution offering a free calculator and a fair service fee.

The mixer’s layout is clear and easy to use, which will appeal to many users who mix their Bitcoins often. If you set the time delay on the minimum parameter of 1 hour, you will receive Bitcoins quickly. However, opting for longer delays can result in extended mixing. Users will be pleased to know that CryptoMixer charges an industry-low commission of just 0.5000%; however, this may vary depending on the transaction size. The only drawback behind CryptoMixer is that its maximum delay is only 24 hours, while many users may prefer to set a more extended delay option. The service also offers a safe opportunity for those using the deep web with a working (dot)onion link. Overall, CryptoMixer earns a strong 8 with the crypto community.

What else makes the CryptoMixer attractive?

CryptoMixer has a solid pool, and many participants in the system allow the web platform to erase the history of cryptocurrency transactions. Technical support for the service’s clients is available 24/7 in more than ten languages.

Users of the CryptMixer platform will be pleasantly surprised by the high withdrawal speed of funds accompanied by traffic encryption. The advantages of the cryptocurrency anonymization service also include a relatively small minimum deposit amount.

To start working with Bitcoin mixer, visit the site, which will pleasantly surprise you with its simple crypto tumbling procedure and user-friendly interface. Here you can also check the commission rates and get advice from our support team online.


cryptomixer site

  • Once you’re at the CryptoMixer website, click “Mix Bitcoins“ button.
  • Type the wallet address you want to send your funds to. You can set multiple output addresses by clicking “Add Adress“.
  • You can set the percentage you want to send to each account, by dragging the bar below the fee.

cryptomixer settings

The minimum fee is 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC for every incoming transaction, but can be changed to throw off blockchain analysis. And you can even use their calculator to see what the final amount sent to each wallet address will be. Click “Calculator” and Insert the amount you’re sending.

  • Click “Continue“, tick the two boxes and click “Accept” to agree to the terms.
  • Download the letter of guarantee and save your CryptoMixer code. The CryptoMixer code will ensure you will never receive your previously sent coins in future mixes.
  • Send your bitcoins to the CryptoMixer deposit address. You may copy the wallet address or scan the QR code. Review
  • User Experience
  • Reputation
  • Anonymity
  • Fees
  • Logs Policy


CryptoMixer is one of the oldest Bitcoin tumbler solutions